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Dove sales robot
Green arrow sales robot

Sales robot 50% promotion cost

50% Promotion cost

Mallbot reduces 50% Promotion cost than traditional promoter.

Sales robot 100% autonomous path planning & recharging

100% Autonomous path planning & recharging

Mallbot can move and recharge automatically in the planning area and no attendant needed.

Sales robot 300% sales increase

300% Sales increase

Sales conversion rate increases 300% than traditional way of shelf selling.

Sales robot 1000% product exposure

1000% Product exposure

Create 10 times exposure for brands and catch the eye of consumers.

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Intelligent Retail Robot - MallBot is easy to install and operate. It is suitable for global sales and operation, which has been introduced into several countries such as China, USA, Belgium, Mexico etc..

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Open Source Education

HandsFree is an open source hardware and software system which is robot researching and development oriented. It has a complete and scientific framework, with excellent embedded system framework as core, and excellent circuits and mechanical designs as supports. HandsFree will help you quickly realize various forms of robots. The system includes robot navigation, SLAM, computer vision and other modules, and has its own upper software and debugging system. Handsfree supports other open source systems abroad, such as ROS, MPRT, PIXHAWK, etc., which will bring you incomparable convenience and happiness.

Open Source Education 1

Indoor navigation

Multi-sensor fusion navigation system with VSLAM machine learning algorithm coordinated.

Open Source Education 2

Technical supports

Professional technical supports by our team members with years of research and development experience.

Open Source Education 3

Mechanical design

Stable and dependable mechanical design compatible with multiple sensors and devices.

Open Source Education 4

Extensible functions

Easily expand various functions such as multimodal recognition, mechanical arm grasp etc..

Our Clients

Open Source Education partner


TAObotics Inc. is a startup devoted to robot developing and AI solutions. Our products are including but not limited to positioning & navigation system and intelligent mobile chassis solution for indoor scene. We aim to give mobility & navigation capabilities and lead the way for millions of robots.

taobotics tao

Vision & Mission

Chinese ancient book <Teacher says> has a saying: “They have heard the truth sequentially and specialized people have their certain knowledge and skills.” We hope to give robots the capabilities to move freely and navigate precisely through our efforts. “Tao” is the mechanism of the evolution of everything in the universe according to profound Chinese culture. TAObotics is determined to pursue deeper ideas of “Tao” and extend the boundaries of humanities with our technologies.